All our vehicles are insured for damages to other parties (Third Party Insurance) and for damages to your own rental car (Comprehensive Insurance) and against Theft. Our Third Party Insurance covers the damages to other vehicles completely, there is no excess involved.

Our Comprehensive Insurance carries an Excess Amount. The Excess Amount is a first amount payable by yourself in case of damages to your rental car. When you take possession of your 4×4 vehicle we will reserve an excess amount, which corresponds to the amount shown as “Standard Excess” in “Excess Options” at the bottom in “Show Rates”.

You can lower this Standard Excess amount to “Reduced Excess I” or “Reduced Excess II” for a proportionate daily fee (see Excess options). In case of traffic accident damages you will pay no more than the amount chosen by you through ‘Standard Excess”, “Reduced Excess I” or “Reduced Excess II”. The minimum rental period for Reduced Excess II is 10 rental days.

Example: on a group C – Toyota Hilux DC 4×4 2.4TD the Standard Excess is EUR 2,500 – Reduced Excess I is EUR 1,250 – Reduced Excess II is EUR 100. In case of an accident, except when negligence is involved, the renter pays maximum:
– EUR 2,500 for damages to the vehicle with the Standard Excess option
– EUR 1,250 for damages to the vehicle with the Reduced Excess I option
– EUR 100 for damages to the vehicle with the Reduced Excess II option

Your chosen excess amount will be authorized on your credit card, it will not be debited from your credit card. Please verify that your credit card covers for the total of rental amount payable and the excess / reduced excess fee amount you opt for.

Compared to “Standard Excess” and “Reduced Excess I”, the “Reduced Excess II” gives you following additional covers (subject to EUR 100 Reduced Excess):
– Damages to glass (e.g. windscreen)
– Damages to 1 tyre
– Damages due to sandblast
– Damages due to a single car accident, negligence excluded

Our Excess Waiver does not cover for medical expenses, personal expenses or damage to personal items. We recommend you take an appropriate holiday insurance to cover for those possible events.